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1. Complete the sentence: One day Tripp… and leaned on my table. He was about … and looked …

Has come in/ forty/twenty-five

Came in/ twenty-five/ forty

Had come in/forty five/twenty-five

Came in/forty/twenty

2. Even I, if had sat down to think might have guessed the secret. But for the fishers, I might left my bones there. These sentences are from the text:

‘’The Explosion”

“The housemen”

“The Shipwreck”

“The Man and Boy”

3. Complete the sentence: next day Mr. Wilmot paid me…

A pound

A cent

A dollar

A euro

4. Complete the sentence: I knew no one in Boston except …

Miss Bennet

Miss Bernett

Miss Cherry

Miss Beniss

5. Finish the sentence: Alexander Barr was…

A scientist

A doctor

A teacher

A lieutenant

6. Complete the sentence: He looked round the hall. I could see that he was…

Looking for something

Giving something

Holding something

Asking something

7. Complete the sentence: At the house they said the boy had refused to let anyone come …

Into the house

Into the shop

Into the office

Into the room

8. Complete the sentence: It’s true. I am still working for the…, still doing a little work for the construction line.





9. Finish the sentence: The main hero of the text “The TV Blackout” is …

Mr. Simpson

Mr. Adams

Mr. Bufkins

Mr. Browns

10. Complete the sentence: One morning … said he wanted to talk to him.

The bank manager

The company director

The bank manager

The film director

11. Complete the sentence: The action takes place …

In South Korea

In South America

In Australia

In Texas

12. My first application for a job in Boston was made in accordance with an idea of my own. This sentence is from the text:

“Looking for a job” by S.S. McClure

“Hunting for a job” by S.S. McClure

“Asking a job” by S.S. McClure

“Waiting for a job” by S.S. McClure

13. Complete the sentence: I was taken to Colonel Pope who was then an alert energetic man of …





14. Complete the sentence: grace Brooks worked…

As a night security guard

As a managing director

As a night telephone operator

As a receptionist

15. Complete the sentence: Leila stayed in the … till Bill came back.





16. Complete the sentence: When Martin Eden returned to san Francisco , he…

Began to speak

Began to cry

Began to read

Began to write

17. Finish the following sentence: She wanted him to get…


Used to him


An autograph

18. Complete the sentence: At last I came …

To a big hotel

To a big house

To a strange street

To my friend’s home

19. Finish the sentence: The author of the story “Art for Heart’s Sake” is…

R. Golden

R. Gotten

R. Goldthing

R. Goldberg

20. Complete the sentence: Stephens lived …

In an ordinary American house

In an ordinary Spanish house

In an ordinary English house

In an ordinary Spanish house

21. Complete the sentence: Let me tell you a story which happened … a full thirty years ago.

To my uncle Octavian

To my friend Mark

To my uncle Oscar

To my brother James

22. Two days before the close of the exhibition he received a letter. The main character of the text is …





23. The book says that he suddenly stopped painted at 53 and lived in a villa in Rivera. He hadn’t painted anything in a dozen year and was heard to say he would never touch the brush again. The main character of the text is…





24. Complete the sentence: Alec called the boy to…

His cabinet

His room

His house

His cabin

25. These sentences are from: He was a tall, thin man with a face like Mark Twain’s: black eyebrows, a grey moustache, and grey hair. His eyes were dark brown and sad; they seemed not to belong to his face or to the world around him. He had never married and lived quite alone. He never had much money

“The Explosion”

“The big Surprise”


“Happy Man”

26. Complete the sentence: He had no money for stamps, so the manuscripts lay on the floor under the table. Martin… then his watch.

Put on his coat

Took off his overcoat

Hung up his coat

Pawned his overcoat

27. The taller and stronger of them was….

Called Hollind and the name of the other was Celin

Called Rossalia and the name of the other was Carlos

Called Rosalind and the name of the other was Celia

Called Robert and the name of the other was Cerghio

28. Complete the sentence: “Oh, yes, my tennis racket”, he said looking foolish. He still didn’t look at me.”…tennis?” he asked Merry Ann.

Do you play

Do you like

Do you enjoy

Do you prefer

29. These sentences are from: One day Tripp came in and leaned on my table. Tripp was something in the mechanical department. He was about twenty five and looked forty.

“No story”

“No comments”

“No action”

“No interest”

30. Complete the sentence: I didn’t want to sell the 30th section and…

It’s hanging now in our dining-room

It’s hanging now in our bed-room

It’s hanging now in our living-room

It’s hanging now in our kitchen

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1. Complete the sentence: I’m going to change the whole plan and show his new work…

In the spring

In the autumn

In the summer

In the winter

2. Complete the sentence: The thief was one of us…

One of my uncle Thomas’s cherished friends

One of my uncle Roger’s cherished friends

One of my uncle Octavian’s cherished friends

One of my uncle Oscar’s cherished friends

3. Complete the sentence: They looked at…

Thousands of houses

Hundreds of trees

Hundreds of houses

Thousands of birds

4. Her small hands clasped themselves together, and she gazed at Jack. The main character of the text is…





5. Complete the sentence: It was … when the train pulled into the little station. Lanny … into the fresh morning air and … a deep breath.

Early morning/went out/looked

Morning / looked/took

Late morning/

Early morning/ stepped/ took

6. These sentences are from the text: It seemed impossible that I should die on the shores of my own country and within view of men’s houses. But the second day passed; and though I kept a look out of boats or men, no help came.

“The Shipwreck”

“The Explosion”

“No story”

“The happy man”

7. Complete the sentence: She was pretty though…

Not very beautiful

Not very sociable

Not very charming

Not very young

8. Complete the sentence: I had no idea who … was





9. Finish the sentence: First Bufkins thought it was his set in the …





10. But she was neither charming, beautiful nor intelligent; on the contrary she was absurd and foolish; yet the more you knew her, the more you liked her. The main character of the text is…

Mrs. Forestier

Mrs. Brown

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